Monday, June 21, 2010


Our little artists....

Jenny is an excellent colorer! She knows how to color in the lines, and she can write her name on the pages she colors. She will also ask me how to spell the name of whoever she is going to give her picture to. Her Daddy has a LOT of pictures she's given him. That's probably why she can spell daddy without having to ask me how. We've even had to set rules limiting the amount of pictures allowed on our fridge, otherwise it would look more like a bulliten board rather than a refrigerator. Ha!

I've even been trying to teach Aiden his colors. Jenny has been helping me with it. So far, all he knows is blue. Actually, he calls them "blue" instead of "crayons". Ha! So, when he says, "I want blue." I know he's telling me he wants to color. He even has his own coloring books to keep him from coloring on all the pages in Jenny's books. He has a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring book and a Sesame Street one.

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