Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day 2010

Because you work so hard to provide for us.

Because you always check on the kids, even if I've just checked on them.

Because on your days off you cook us breakfast.

Because you watch Sesame Street with us.

Because you always ask me how the kids are doing when you come home from work.

Because when you walk through the door the first thing you do is hug the Jenny and Aiden.

Because you stopped buying headphones, so we could buy diapers.

Because you make sure you attend every school function.

Because you pretend you are a princess.

Because you have tea parties with Jenny.

Because you make cool sound effects that Aiden really likes.

Because you teach the kids to speak two languages.

Because you are so excited to see Aiden grow up and play soccer, that you've already started teaching him how to play.

Because you are always telling your kids how proud you are of them.

Because even at the end of a long day, you carry the kids to bed as if they were "Sacks of Potatoes".

Because you read strories and pray before putting the kids to bed.

Because you are always telling me, and the kids how much you love us.

Because we love you, and think you're the BEST DAD EVER!!

Jaime, there are so many reasons why you're a good father, but I don't have to list them all here. You can look at Jenny and Aiden and at the who they are and the people they are becoming and know what a good father they have. Thank you for being such a great dad, for working so hard every day to provide for us, for making us laugh, and being there when we need you. We love you!

-Katie, Jenny, and Aiden


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