Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jenny Loves Brownies!

I'm conviced that Jenny loves baking just as much as I do - maybe even a little more than me! She's always asking me about baking, and she's always asking me to find new recipes for things we can make. We've always kept it pretty simple, and mostly just bake things from a box. We've baked several times this way, and she gets better at it every time. She's getting so good at it in fact, that I am going to look for some more recipes to make our deserts from scratch rather than from a pre-mixed box.

Earlier tonight she and I made our favorite - chocolate brownies with walnuts! Everytime we go grocery shopping I always ask her what she wants to bake and usually she always asks for brownies. She's my kind of girl! Ha! I try to mix it up a little bit though and so we rotate what we bake. Otherwise we would bake brownies every time!

Pouring in the oil and water.

Cracking the eggs are her favorite part, and she's really good at doing it!

Mix it up!

I take back what I said about cracking the eggs, I think licking the spoon may be her favorite!!

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