Thursday, June 10, 2010

Granny & Kandi's Visit: Day Three

On Tuesday we took Kylee and Jenny to the Babyland General Hospital. It's the 'hospital' where the Cabbage Patch Babies are born at. It's also a really big gift shop were you can buy Cabbage Patch Dolls and their accessories. I have been there before when I was a little girl, and it was a lot of fun to take my own kids there now. Especially since they opened a new and more updated one! Afterwards we went to the Suwanee Water Park. Last time Aiden hated it, and this time he loved it! Here are a few pictures....

I loved the artwork!

The nursery


The tree where the Cabbage Patch Babies are born at

The Faerie Bunnies that sprinkle magic dust on the crystals to make the babies grow in the cabbage

The IV

The nurse who helped Mrs. Cabbage give birth

Kylee got to pick the baby's middle name, she named her after Jennifer. Her name was Emily Jennifer.

The outside of the Babyland General Hospital

Sticking his head in the water

Kylee and Jenny

He loved it!!

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