Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Back in December, I put together some pictures of the kids and made videos of them to give as gifts. I made one of Aiden and Jenny to give to Jaime, and another of Jenny to give to her mother. The reason I'm just now posting this is because I have decided that I'm going to make some new videos of the kids. There are two reasons for my decision, (1)I have taken a TON of pictures of them since then, and their videos could use some updating, (2)Since I am a stay at home mom, I will have the time to redo their videos, and (3)I've been looking into some new programs I can use to make them so that they'll be even better than before!

Right now I am working on getting them put together and finding the right program to use. But for now, I figured I'd post the videos I made of them in December for you all to view before their new ones are ready. So, here goes...

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