Sunday, December 5, 2010

Aiden's Birthday Party

*Sorry this post has taken me so long to put up. I have LOTS of pictures from his party and that makes it hard to sort through and choose which ones are blog-worthy. ;)

First things first, let me just go ahead and warn you that this post contains lots of pictures. Don't worry though, most of them are pictures of the cutest two year old you have ever seen! Grab a snack, and enjoy....

Aiden's official party was scheduled from 3pm-5pm. However, since we had family in town that had come to celebrate with us, his party ended up being an all day celebration. It started out Sunday morning, where we all got up early and went out to eat breakfast at Golden Corral. I have always heard really good things about their breakfast, but had never had it until last Sunday. Let's just say I was not impressed. Cracker Barrel is MUCH better!

Anyhow, after breakfast we all went back to my Mom's house and began to get ready for the official party. The kids played outside in the backyard, I started working on decorating and setting the table, and then my cousin and I went to the store to get the food and drinks. As you can tell I am a last minute kind of person. I even ended up having to go to the store twice because the first time I forgot to get drinks altogether. Ha!

We had pre-ordered a Moonwalk Rental for the party. It was brought around 11:30, and that was when the party really got going. All the kids had a blast, and even a lot of the adults got in and jumped!

Our family from out of town ended up having to leave a little early since they had such a long drive home, but we were so glad they got to come and we can't wait to see them again for our Christmas celebration! We let Aiden open their gifts a little early so that they could see him open them. He loved all of them, and uses (or wants to use) them all everyday.

The party continued with lots of jumping and fun. We had a pinata outside filled with candy and small toys. No one broke it, so we let Aiden pull the strings on it until the candy came out. I'm glad it wasn't broken because I can save it for him in his keepsake box. We went inside to let everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to Aiden and so that everyone could eat cake. The theme for Aiden's party was Cars. His cake was Cars, the decorations were Cars, and the pinata was Cars. Can you tell what his favorite movie is? =)

Aiden had a great day, and he enjoyed all of his gifts. I know he was so glad to be able to spend his birthday with awesome family and friends. Thanks to all of you who came to celebrate Aiden's 2nd birthday!! We had a lot of fun, he got a lot of great gifts, and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves too.

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