Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Look Back at 2010

Looking back on 2010, there aren't really any big, life-changing events that I can think of. In 2010 we played with our kids, spent time with family, cherished our realationships with friends - and gained a few new friends too.

When I look back at the blog posts from the past year, it is obvious that we have been very happy. We have had lots of fun, laughed a lot, and created wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Jaime dedicated himself to working harder than I could have ever imagined, allowing me to stay at home with Aiden and Jenny. I found other ways to keep myself busy though. I started going to MOPS, and met a lot of great mothers who are all in different stages of motherhood. I became involved in Jenny's school, and I found the time to co-lead her Girl Scout troop. I started going to a church that I love, and that also inspires me to volunteer and serve the Lord.

We moved from a 4 bedroom home, into a 3 bedroom apartment. We sold or donated a lot of our belongings in order to squeeze ourselves into a much smaller home. Sometimes I regret moving into an apartment, but then I look around and realize that it doesn't matter where we live, or how much space we have. All that matters is that we're together, happy, and healthy.

I am always having to remind myself to pick my battles, don't sweat the small stuff, and to enjoy stop obsessing over how clean the house is or if she laundry is done. My search for personal satisfaction led me right back to my kids. I learned that I never want to be too busy (especially with chores) to see what Aiden or Jenny is doing on that particular day. I never want to be too busy that I can't stop what I'm doing to sit down and play choo-choo train, Hungry Hungry Hippos, or to finger paint. I will do what I can, but my kids will always come first in my life.

One of the most important things that happened to me in 2010, was that I grew closer to God. I know that He loves me just the way I am. He has taught me to see myself the way that He sees me. Of course, I still struggle with this everyday. I am by no means perfect and I am by no means done being taught. I am however, very blessed and very grateful for what I  and my family have been blessed with.

I think the thing I am most grateful for from 2010 is that I found a church that I love so much. I really feel at home there. The congregation is much smaller than what I am used to, and that makes it much for personal for me. They encourage you to serve in the church and to help out in the different ministries of the church. I have never felt so involved in a church before and I am truly thankful for that.

In going into 2011 with no presumptions. I'm not setting any resolutions. I don't want to hold myself to standards of any kind that may cause me to stress or obsess over them. I don't want to miss out on the things that matter most in my life - my kids, Jaime, my family, my friends, and Jesus.

I am looking forward to becoming the woman that the Lord wants me to be in 2011. I hope to focus on what I have rather than on what I don't. I want to learn to be more grateful for what I have. Not just the matieral things, but the relationships with people in my life. I am going to strive to be more appreciative of the time that I have with Jaime, Aiden and Jenny, my parents, extended family, and friends.

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