Friday, October 15, 2010

The Library

As many of you can probably already tell (from my book club posts), I love reading! There is nothing like curling up in bed with a good book just before going to sleep. When I was younger, before Aiden, I used to read a lot. Since having Aiden however, I have less and less time to read. I was thinking that the older he got, the more time I'd have to read - but I was WRONG! It seems like the older he gets the more and more he demands my attention, and the more and more I am having to go behind him either removing him from a situation he shouldn't be in or cleaning up after him. Recently though, I decided that I was going to have to find a way to make time for reading. So, I decided to cut back on the amount of time I spend on the computer and in front of the TV, and start reading instead. I joined a book club, and more recently Jaime and I got new library cards.

I couldn't be more excited about the new possibilities having a library card opens up for us. I don't have to worry now about how much I'm spending on books or how many books I've already bought this month. Now I can go to the library, get what I want, and return it when finished....and I don't have to pay a dime so long as the books are turned in on time. So far the only downside to the library is that some of the books I want are all already checked out and then I have to request they hold it for me when it becomes available. Not a problem, except that sometimes it can be months before they become available. So, with those titles, I usually just end up buying them. Either way, I'm still saving money.

My most favorite thing about the library however, is that I can not only get books for myself, but I can also get them for Jenny and Aiden. They have lots of books here at home, but we've read all of them at least 10 times. So now I can go and get them new books to read every week! I've already gone twice to get them books, and here are the ones we got....

Elmo One, Two, Zoo - This book was fun and really cute! Aiden liked it a lot, and even Jenny enjoyed looking at the colorful pictures. Those little flaps on the right with the different animals on them make it very easy for little ones, like Aiden, to turn the pages. This is a board book, which is also a necessity when choosing books for Aiden. Paper pages are bound to get torn with him. So these cardboard pages are the way to go!

The Kissing Hand - This was another cute story. This one was about a little raccoon who was about to start school, and he was a little nervous. His mother taught him a great way to keep from being scared and to know that she was always with him, even at school. This was a great book for Jenny, because she recently started kindergarten.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - This was always one of my favorites in school. It is written by Eric Carle, and it is a classic. It tells the story of a very hungry caterpillar that starts out as an egg, and then eventually turns into a beautiful butterfly, but now without getting a stomach ache first!

Chicka Chicka ABC - This is another one that I got for Aiden, again with cardboard pages. Reading this story is a fun way to teach your kids the alphabet. Aiden and Jenny both love this one!

The Sneetches....And Other Stories - Another classic story! Written by none other than Dr. Seuss. His books are so fun to read, and Jenny really loves the rhyming words. A great thing about this book is that it has a total of 4 stories in it, so it can be read multiple nights.

It's Vacation Time - This is one that Jenny picked out. I'm not sure why she chose this one, because when we got home she asked me what it was called and what it was about. We read this one a few nights ago, and she liked it. It's about some friends who are getting ready to go on vacation, but they can't get everything to fit in their suitcase. The illustrations in this one are really bright and colorful, so Aiden likes it as well.

Henny Penny - This one I can remember reading as a child, and I'm sure a lot of you have read it too. It's about a chicken, Henny Penny, who thinks that the sky is falling so she must tell the king. On her way to tell the king, she runs into several of her friends who decide to go with her to tell the king. Eventually they run into Foxy Loxy, a fox, who tries to trick them....but does her trick work? I can't tell you that, it would ruin the ending! =)

So, those are the books we've been enjoying for the last couple of weeks. Soon I'll do a post on the books that I have been reading lately, and hopefully y'all can suggest some new ones for me. I hope you're all having a great week....TGIF!

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