Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Date Night With Daddy

Because Jaime works so much, and since Jenny is only here every other week, he and Jenny don't get very much time together. Recently though, they have been getting more time together because Jaime has been off an extra two nights every week! Let me just say that him being home with us more has been such a blessing! I can already see a big difference in his relationship with both of the kids. It has worked out well too, because it gives me more of a break and more time to do things that I need to do for myself.

Tonight, to spend one on one time together, Jaime and Jenny went out on a special daddy/daughter date night. Last night after Jenny went to sleep, Jaime made her a little card/invitation inviting her out on a date with him. He gave it to her this afternoon when she got home from school. To say that she was excited would be a understatement! The girl was ecstatic! She probably asked me 20 times this afternoon if it was time for them to leave yet. Haha! In the card, Jaime asked her to dress nice since they were going out on a date. So while he got ready, I helped her to get ready too. She picked out her dress, and asked if I could put make-up on her since this was a special night. Of course I said yes!

Here they are before leaving for their date.

They went out to dinner at Poblanos and then afterwards they went shopping to let he pick out something for herself since she did so well on her report card. While they were gone Aiden and I went grocery shopping. Let's just say that our trip to the grocery store wasn't nearly as fun (and as stress free) as a date night! Haha!

When they came home, Jenny had a lot of stuff to tell me. She was so excited about their date, and she just kept going on and on and saying that it was the best night ever. I'm glad they had such a great time!

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