Monday, October 11, 2010

A Wonderful Sunday

We had a pretty good 3-day weekend. How was yours? Actually, ours is more like a 4-day weekend because Jaime is off tomorrow too. The kids and I always enjoy having him home with us. Plus, he helps me get a lot of stuff done around that house that I normally wouldn't have the time or patience to do with an almost-two year old running around!

Sundays are usually pretty relaxing days for us. Jaime works during the day, so the kids and I sit around the house most Sundays and watch movies and TV. Sometimes, if the weather allows, we go outside and play. A lot of Sundays though I spend most of my morning cleaning house. I know I should go to church, and I really want to go to church too. I've gone several times before and I always enjoy it and feel so refreshed and filled with God's Word after the service. The problem is, now that Aiden is home with me all the time, he hates being left in the nursery at church. In fact, 9 out of 10 times they call me out of the service early to come get him because they can't calm him down. Once I pick him up he's fine, so I know it's not that he's hurt or has anything wrong with him - he just wants his Mama. Most of the time, I love that he is so attatched to me. But then there are times (like at church) when I wish he weren't so attached so that he would go play with the other kids and have a good time while I enjoy the church service. Thankfully, he seems to be getting over his seperation anxiety lately. When we go to MOPS he cries when I drop him off, but when I come back to get him he's absolutely fine! No crying, no whining, no nothing. He's usually sitting at the table eating a snack or coloring a picture. So, yesterday Aiden and I went to the church service at the church where I go to MOPS (I was going to Free Chapel for Wed. and Sun. service, MOPS is at Northview). And guess what?? Aiden loved it! I was able to listen to the whole service and they didn't come to get me at all! I'm not sure why this church seems to be working better for him, but I'm glad it is! I think it's because at Free Chapel there are TONS of people so it tends to be a little stressful trying to get him to his class, and there are about 10 other kids in his class with him. At Northview, there are a lot less people and only about 5 kids in his class. If that's not the reason, then maybe he is starting to outgrow his seperation anxiety and is getting to an age where he knows I'm just leaving him for a little while and I'll be back. Either way, I'm happy and so is he! We will definitely be going back this weekend!

After Jaime got home from work Jenny's mom dropped her off with us (Jenny spends a week at her mom's house and then spends a week at our house). When she got here, Jenny had a tummy ache but thankfully she started to feel better soon. Once she started feeling better Jaime and I took the kids to the park. Sunday is Jaime's day to go play soccer with his friends, and while we're there watching the game I take the kids to the playground. We all had a great time, and Jaime's team won their game! Here are a few pictures I took from the game, and a few of the kids on the playground.

After the game, Jaime and I took the kids to Walmart. Jenny got to pick out something for herself for doing such a great job on her spelling test. Her test was over the words she has been learning for the past 9 weeks. There were 43 words total, and out of 43 she got 41 correct. Can you guess what she picked?? My most favorite Disney movie of all time, and I'm pretty sure it is her favorite now too.... Beauty and the Beast!

When we got home we watched the movie together and then had a "sleepover" with Jenny and Aiden in our bed. Obviously we had a wonderful weeked! I hope you all had a great weekend too!

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