Monday, August 30, 2010

Jenny's Birthday

For Jenny's birthday we spent most of the day together as a family. We got up this morning and I made Jenny her favorite breakfast, cinnamon rolls. After she ate, she was allowed to open her "morning present". It was a jewelery box that was mine as a kid and inside it had a butterfly necklace and a Tinkerbell bracelet. She got to wear the jewelery to school today. She was very excited about her necklace!

The "bed head" picture.

Her "morning present".

All dressed and ready to go to school!

Opening her gift.

Look at the expression on her face, she was excited!

Her first day of school as a 5 year old!

After school she spent some time with her mom, and then came back to our house around 4:30. When she got back it was time to go to her manicure and pedicure appointment. She had been asking for a mani/pedi for the birthday for months now, and she was really excited to be getting one. Of course I took tons of pictures of the whole process. She said she really liked it, but didn't like when they put her hands in the heat gloves. She said they weren't real hot, but they made her sweat a little. Watching her get her nails done was a little surreal. All of a sudden she looked so grown up, and I could just picture her getting a mani/pedi when she is a teenager. It made me glad that we decided to let her get her nails done for her birthday, because we were able to be there with her for that first experience. She debated for a while over which color to choose. First she said she wanted pink, then she said blue, and finally she decided on purple. One thing she was sure about though was that she wanted some sort of design painted on her nails, she chose a yellow flower.

So excited to be getting her nails done!

Jenny and Daddy.

Jenny and I.

Her color choices.

She picked purple.

She had to sit at the front of the seat so her feet would reach the water.

The products they used for her pedicure.

She got the deluxe treatment!

She was having so much fun!

Her fingernails.

Her toes.

Letting her nails dry.

After we left the salon we stopped at Burger King (Jenny's choice) for dinner. We just brought it home rather than eating there because my parents were going to be coming over to eat cake and ice cream with us and to open presents. I had baked her cupcakes earlier that day, and she loved them! She also had several more presents to open from us, but the best present of all came from Ninnie and Bill (my parents)!

The presents.

Ninnie and Bill got her a Nintendo DS!!

This is how Jenny spent the rest of the evening up until it was time to get ready for bed. Ha!

List of Gifts Received:

A SpongeBob Squarepants DVD
A Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) CD
Her own hairbrush
A puzzle
An umbrella for rainy days at the bus stop
Whoppers candy
Butterfly Necklace
Tinkerbell bracelet
Hannah Montana lip gloss and carrying case
Jewelry box
Make-up bag
A Nintendo DS

As you can see, Jenny had a great birthday! This is the first year we haven't had a party for her on her actual birthday, but we do plan to have one soon. It was more difficult to plan one this year because we moved recently, then school started, and her birthday was on a weekday. We do plan to have some sort of birthday party for her soon though, so expect a post from me about her party too.

*Yes, I took pictures of Aiden too. I am going to put all of the pictures I took from today on Facebook for everyone to see. I didn't put them on here because this post is supposed to be for Jenny's birthday, and I wanted to make it about her. Aiden's birthday post will be done the same way when he turns 2 in November.

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