Friday, August 20, 2010

Catch Up

Just thought I'd do a quick catch up of the last few days....

Jenny came back home on Sunday, and since Jaime was off that night, the four of us went to the playground here in our apartment complex. It's actually pretty nice, and the best part is that it's fenced in! In case you're wondering what's so great about a fence, I'll tell you.... that means that I can sit on the bench and I don't have to worry about Aiden running away or escaping. =)

On Monday we took Jenny to the bus stop that morning and then Aiden and I went to Grandma's house to go out for breakfast with her and Uncle Billy. Later that afternoon Grandma came over for a little while and we took the kids to the playground and then we went out for ice cream. Afterwards it was time for baths and bed. The best part of our Monday....Aiden went pee-pee in the potty for the first time!! It was immediately after his bath, he had squatted down in the floor and he started asking me for a diaper. I put him on the potty, and after a few seconds of him telling me, "I don't want it!" he finally went! At first he only went a little and he seemed like he was trying to keep himself from going, probably because he was afraid he was doing the wrong thing. But then once he started going and Jenny and I started clapping, he knew he was doing the right thing and he finished going on the potty! I am so proud of him!

Big boy!

Jaime was home with Aiden and I Tuesday morning. After we took Jenny to the bus, I headed to the gym for a morning work out. Afterwards I came home and the three of us went out to run a few errends. We stopped at Subway for lunch. I was thinking that it was going to be my first real bad experience eating out with Aiden because at first he refused to eat anything except chips. But I didn't give in, and eventually he started eating his sandwich. Aiden also hadn't had much of a nap that day and he was starting to get sick, so he wasn't in the best of moods.

Someone did not want to have their picture taken.

Don't let him fool you, he was actually sticking his tongue out because he was mad I was taking his picture.

Lunch at Subway!!

Wednesday morning Jaime had to be at work at 5:30am, so it was the first day I had to take Jenny to the bus stop without him. Aiden had starting getting sick the day before, and when he woke up Wednesday he was even worse. So he and I made a trip to the doctor that morning. The doctor said he had a common cold and that there was really nothing she could prescribe him because they don't usually prescribe decongestants for children under the age of 6. She said his symptoms could last up to two weeks, and that he could possibly get worse before he got better. I was instructed to bring him back if he started running and fevers or if his symptoms lasted longer than two weeks, but so far he's doing better.

My little Sickie. =(

At the bus stop.

Yesterday (Thursday), Jaime was home with us all day and we ran a few more errands that morning after taking Jenny to the bus. We spent the rest of the day at home cleaning and doing laundry. At 3:10 we headed to the bus stop and after picking Jenny up we went to Walmart to get a few things we needed. On our way home we made a quick stop to pick up something that I had told Jenny we would get her once we moved into our new apartment....

Jenny's new Beta fish! He still has no name, but we're working on it.

I can't believe it's already Friday! The weeks go by so fast! I can't believe that the summer season is almost officially over and it will be fall before we know it! Honestly, I can't wait. I love the fall and all of the fun fall things that come along with it. Now that Aiden is older and can enjoy more outdoor activities with us, I plan for us to do lots of stuff this fall. I am always looking for oppertunities to do fun things with the kids, and fall seems like a great time to be outside and just enjoy the cool weather!

Happy Friday everyone, enjoy the weekend!

*Please ignore the picture quality or lack thereof, I've been having to take picutes with my phone this week since I'm using my roommates computer (until we can get ours working), and I don't want to upload a ton of photos to his computer.

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