Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday Part Three

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31. Medicine. With a toddler and a 5 year old who are always bringing home new germs, I am very thankful for medicine.

32. Letters. Not texts, not emails, not tweets....letters.

33. Thunderstorms. Rainbows.

34. Children. Their innocence, hope, trust, joy, and spotless purity. I love them.

35. Homemade chocolate chip cookies.

36. Baking with Jenny. Aiden has started helping us lately, which is something I am also thankful for.

37. Tradition.

38. Sweet, kind, genuinely precious people.

39. Old hymns!

40. Trees. Hills. Mountains. Valleys. Plains. Forests. Volcanos. Leaves. Grass. Clouds. Sky. Oceans. Waves. Wind. Rain. Snow. -- Nature.

41. Wisdom.

42. Creatures - large and small. Fireflies to Giraffes.

43. Recorded history.

44. Fruit, vegetables, meat. Food from The Maker.

45. Coffee!!! And flavored creamers!!

To be continued.

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