Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

From now to Thanksgiving, I will be doing a series called Thankful Thursday. I think it is always important to remember to be thankful for things in life, but even more important around this time of year.

1. The freedom and security my salvation in Christ brings.

2. Waking up beside the best man on earth every single morning.

3. The joy of Aiden and Jenny.

4. A wonderful family who loves me unconditionally.

5. Friendships with deep roots.

6. A peaceful home.

7. A Church grounded in Truth, untouched from the world's influence.

8. A healthy body. A healthy family.

9. Conviction and renewal.

10. Daily nourishment.

11. Comfort. In my home, relationships, life.

12. Laughing with Jaime.

13. Community.

14. The changing of seasons.

15. The gift of motherhood - the incredible lessons it brings and the indescribable satisfaction it gives.

To be continued.

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