Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vacation Day 1

On the first day of our vacation we went with my parents and my brother to Medieval Times and then to the Laser Show.

Medieval Times was a lot of fun. The food was good (except for the tomato soup - I don't like tomato), and the show was entertaining. It kept Jenny's attention, and would have kept Aiden's too had he not fallen asleep half way through. Good thing his admission was free since he is two! :)

The lighting during the show was weird, so my camera didn't do well. I ended up using my phone instead.

Afterwards, we went to Stone Mountain for the Laser Show. As usual, we had a good time. Aiden and Jenny used to be scared of the fireworks, but this time, they didn't seem phased.

Day one of our vacation was a success! Who knew staying at home and doing things around here could be so fun?

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