Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation Day 2: Fishing

After we got home from the Zoo, we waited a couple hours for it to cool off a little outside and then we headed to do something that Jenny has been asking for MONTHS to do....


Yep, that's right. Our sweet, little 5 year old girl wanted to go fish. I'm pretty sure that was not something I wanted to do when I was 5. In fact, I have never been fishing nor have I ever had any desire to do so. But, Jenny wanted to do it, so we figured we could at least try it out.

Apparently Jenny had big plans for the fish we were going to catch. She even told me that after we caught them, all we had to do was bring them home, take their skin off, and cook them on the stove. I quickly told her that we were not bringing home anything we caught. Silly girl!

Luckily, there is a family fishing place a few miles from our house. You don't have to have a liscence to fish there, they sell bait, and you can rent fishing poles too.

We parked back by the pond and preceeded to get started. Did I mention that none of us had ever done this before? Haha. First things first - we opened our bucket of Nightcrawlers (aka: worms).

This picture cracks me up! They were watching Jaime put a worm on the hook. Jenny looks totally disgusted, and Aiden looks like he has never seen anything so cool. Haha.

Ok, so now we had our worms on the hooks. Next up: casting the line. Seem easy, right? Wrong! For some reason, we had the hardest time doing it. I think the problem was that we were holding down the button on the fishing pole rather than pressing it and then releasing it. Oops! Oh well, eventually we figured it out.  :)

Aiden and Grandma fishing on the bridge.

Funny story: Jenny wanted to try putting her own worm on the hook. So I opened the worm bucket for her to let her get one out. I'm not sure if she thought the worms were fake or if they were dead or what, but she definitely didn't think they were alive and moving. It took her a while to get one out because they were pretty slippery. Once she gets one out, and holds it up proudly because she got it out all by herself, the worm starts to wiggle. Jenny jumps, screams LOUDLY, and throws the worm! It was literally the funniest moment of the week. My mom and I laughed so hard we cried! Jenny didn't think it was too funny at first, but eventually even she laughed about it.

We were there for about two hours, but we didn't catch anything. There was a guy there who told us he had been there for three or four hours and he had old caught two fish. He let us look at the ones he had already caught so the kids could see what the fish actually looked like. They looked pretty gross if you ask me.

After posting these pictures on Facebook, a friend of mine commented on them and said they reminded her of the Trace Adkins song, "Just Fishin'". I looked it up on YouTube, and thought I would share the video with all of you on here.

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