Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Weekend

Am I the only one who feels like the weekends always go by too fast? It seems like you wait all week for Friday to get here, and then once it does, it's already Monday again. We had another good weekend here. Not too busy, but not too boring. In my opinion, those are the best kind. :)

Friday night, the kids and I went out to dinner with my parents to our usual Friday night place, Monterrey. Aiden always does really well there, and he likes the food too. Sometimes when I ask him what he wants to eat, he'll tell me he wants Monterrey. Haha!

When we got home, Jenny and I used her Easy Bake Oven for the first time. Uncle Billy got it for her for Christmas, but I didn't have the right kind of light bulb for it, so we couldn't use it right away. She liked using it, and it was easy for her to do. She was very impressed with the way the cake turned out. :)

My little Daisy Scout is selling Girl Scout Cookies this year! Her goal was to sell 75 boxes to get her Girl Scout Cookie patch. Saturday we went door to door to a few houses in my parent's neighborhood and we sold to a few more family and friends. She liked selling door to door more than I thought she would, and was a little upset when it was time to stop.

Saturday night, the kids and I baked some brownies in the real oven. Jenny added all the ingredients by herself and she mixed it all up too. She is really getting good at baking! The brownies turned out really well. Jenny went to her mom's house today so I sent some of them with her, and I also gave some to my parents. I don't have enough self control to have an entire pan of brownies sitting in my kitchen. Since I am the only adult here who likes sweets, I would end up eating way to many! Haha.

Today we didn't do a whole lot. The kids and I spent the morning cleaning the house and doing laundry. I prepared a few things for tomorrow's Girl Scout meeting, and got ready for the upcoming week. My mom kept Aiden for a few hours for us tonight while Jaime and I went out to dinner at Applebee's and then went to see a movie. We saw, "No Strings Attached" with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. I liked it, and so did Jaime. It was a little cheesy at times, but was also pretty funny and had a good ending. If you're looking for a good movie, I'd recommend that one.

I think that's it from this weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend too! =)


  1. I loved my easy bake oven as a young girl. now i wish i had a little girl so i could buy her one! Oh well for now i am stuck with the race cars and sports balls! I am so glad that i found your blog! I am now following your blog and would love it if you could follow me back at Thanks so much!

  2. What cte kiddos : ) Stopping by from Boost!


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