Friday, January 21, 2011

Phone Dump

I am pretty obsessed with taking pictures with my phone. It is much easier than having to carry a camera around with me everywhere I go, and since my phone has an 8 (or maybe it's 9) mega pixel camera, which is good for a phone, it takes fairly decent pictures.

Yesterday I downloaded a few photo/camera apps that I have been playing around with a little. They are pretty neat and they have a lot of cool photo effects and ways of editing photos. If you have a Droid, and use any cool photo apps, let me know. Right now I am using FxCamera and Camera360.

None of the pictures below are taken with any apps, they are just random pictures taken over the last week or so. I tried to use ones that I don't think I've already posted here. Once I get a few good pics taken with the photo apps, I will post those too.

This picture was taken two weeks ago. This was before she and I went to the Girl Scout Cookie Rally. Jenny is a Daisy Girl Scout, and from what I can tell, she loves being in Girl Scouts!

Another picture of Jenny, this time before going to Awana. She goes to Awana on Wednesday nights. I absolutely love Awana. I think it is a great, fun way to teach children about the Bible. Jenny has learned so much from it already, and she really enjoys going.

Using the new table that Aiden and Jenny got for Christmas, they played tea party. I'm sure it was Jenny's idea to play, but seeing as how Aiden is only two, he doesn't know yet that "tea parties are for girls". Haha!

Jenny got a new pair of iCarly sunglasses last week. She says they make her look like a Movie Star. :)

This is what Aiden (and Jaime) spend a lot of time doing together. Aiden loves his train set he got for Christmas from Santa Claus. He has played with it everyday since Christmas, and never gets bored with it. He gets so excited when Jaime comes home from work and almost immediately starts saying, "let's build my train". Haha.

This is Aiden after he got his hair cut. The lady who cut it said he did an awesome job for only being two. Aiden always does great when he gets his hair cut: he sits still, he doesn't cry, he's patient, etc. Although, he has also been getting hair cuts since he was 5 months old, and has had at least 10 hair cuts in his lifetime. I guess you could say that he's used to it. Haha!

Earlier this week, at my mom's, Aiden fell asleep like this after dinner. He didn't get a nap that day, and after he had a full tummy, he was very sleepy.

The last two pictures are from our trip to IHOP to get hot chocolate. Aiden and Jenny both love IHOP's hot chocolate.

Last night since Jaime wasn't home, I took the kids to eat dinner a Chickfila. After we ate, they played on the playground. I think we will start going to Chickfila more often to play in their playground. When we first got there, two ladies were inside the play area disinfecting the playground, shoe cubbies, bench, and really just the whole room. It was so nice to see someone cleaning and disinfecting an area that is probably very full of germs. Also, they provide sanitary wipes for you to use after you leave the play area. I love the idea of trying to make it as clean and sanitized as possible. I'm not saying that other places don't do that, but it was the first time that I've ever actually seen them cleaning it.

I hope you are all having a good week. TGIF! I hear that a lot of places got snow today. Thank God that we didn't! The snow/ice last week was enough to last me at least until next winter (or maybe until the one after that). Have a great weekend, stay warm!

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  1. Newest follower- Great pictures- especially the haircut. His look cracks me up.



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