Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year: 1.1.11

Well, we're here. We made it to 2011. I know I said I wasn't going to set any New Year Resolutions this year, but I've changed my mind. There are a few areas that I feel like I struggle in and I could put more effort into. One thing I am going to say is that I am going to try really hard for a more stress-free year. Obviously, as the mother of a two year old, my life will NEVER be completely stress-free. However, I do think that stress takes away from the important things in life, and I don't want to miss a moment of Aiden and Jenny's lives. So, here goes...

1. Read the Bible more and grow in my relationship with Christ - I don't think a Christian can ever reach a point where they are done reading the Bible or where they are as close to God as they are ever gonna get. It doesn't work that way. God is always trying to show me and teach me new things. I hope that in 2011 He will use me to do great things!

2. The Love Dare - I have seen a few blogs with couples doing The Love Dare this year as part of their New Years resolutions. The Love Dare is a 40-day challenge for husbands and wives to understand and practice unconfitional love. Jaime has agreed to do this with me, and I think we are both going to learn a lot about each other through this experience, and a lot about where God wants us to be. Don't get me wrong, our relationship is very strong and we aren't having any problems. I think there is always room for improvement, and I think our relationship is worth working on and improving on. :)

3. Read more books -  Last year I read 7 books, and I am very disappointed in that number. This year I want to try to read at least 12 - one book a month. I hope I can do more, but if not, I'll be happy with 12. Right now I am reading "Look Again" by Lisa Scottoline. I have 30+ books on my "to-read" list. There are so many good books out there! I will be posting my 2011 reading list soon.

4. Spend more quality time with Aiden and Jenny - This is something that I try to do daily. Sometimes I get too caught up in the housework or the laundry, and I don't always cherish the moments I have with Aiden and Jenny the way I should. I do think I have been good about playing with them, doing fun stuff, and creating lots of memories for them. But, once again, I think there is always room for improvement in these areas. Jenny is already 5 and in kindergarten, and Aiden will be in school before I know it! I don't ever want to look back on these days and have regrets.

5. Make more time for me - Lastly, I hope that in 2011 I can find time to do more for myself. I tend to put the needs of other people ahead of my own needs, and sometimes that is a good thing. Other times, it's not so good. I hope I can set aside at least 15 minutes a day, where I can get a little break. A break from the housework, the laundry, the diaper changes, the sippy cups, the runny noses, the homework, giving rides to work, etc. Just a few minutes every day where I can sit and do nothing.

Well, those are my goals. Of course there are a few other things I wouldn't mind doing this year too, but these are my main ones. What are your goals or resolutions for 2011? Are the easy like mine, or more difficult? I hope that you all will accomplish your goals this year, and I hope 2011 treats you all well! Happy New Year!

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