Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Last week was Jenny's spring break. We didn't have many plans, mostly just several doctor and dentist appointments. We tried to do a few fun things though. My mom was also on vacation last week, so she came with us sometimes too.

On Monday, we went with my mom to Stone Mountain. We have gone to Stone Mountain several times, but this was our first time to go there and ride the "Ride the Ducks" ride. It was a lot of fun! The ride started out on land, where we took a tour of the park. Then, before we knew it, we ended up on a dirt road that led down to a lake. On this road, our driver floored the gas pedal and we took off into the water! Water splashed up around the sides of the boat, but none of us got wet. Children 9 and under had to wear life jackets. Jenny and Aiden didn't mind them, but Sophia didn't like her's at all. Eventually she fell asleep on the ride. We also saw an animal show where they brought out several baby animals for everyone to look at. There were even a few that we could touch if we wanted. We also rode the Sky Lift, walked around on the top of the mountain, saw the 4D movie "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island", and the kids played in Geyser Towers. By the end of the day we were all worn out!

On Tuesday the kids and I went with my parents to Suwanne to let them play in the fountains. Jenny always loves the fountains. Aiden has never liked them. I keep hoping every year that he will like them since he is older, but he never does. He just runs around them and tries to avoid getting wet. This was Sophia's first time to get in the water from the fountains. She didn't mind touching the water with her hands, but once we put her any closer, she wanted nothing to do with it!

On Thursday we tried a new place that we had never been before. There is a children's museum in Atlanta called Imagine It! I have been wanting to take my kids to a children's museum for a long time, but just never found the time to go. So, after a quick doctor appointment for Jenny on Thursday morning, we headed to Atlanta to the children's museum. There were lots of things there for Jenny and Aiden to do. They even had events at certain times of the day. We missed the first couple of them, but we made it in time for the dancing one, the science one, and story time. I think the dancing may have been Jenny and Aiden's favorite part! Some of the exhibits included things like: a grocery store with grocery carts and a cash register, a farm with a cow that could be milked, a washable wall that could be painted on, a pond full of fake, magnetic fish and fishing poles, and lots of other smaller exhibits. There was also a small section of toys for children Sophia's age. When it was time to go, Jenny and Aiden both weren't ready to leave.

We had a great spring break and we are looking forward to lazy, summer days! It was a nice preview to the summer.

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