Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Birthday Virus

It was pretty cold in our room last night, and Sophia won't stay under her blanket, so we put her in the bed with us last night. This morning, I woke up in a sweat! I tore the blankets off of me and found Sophia laying right up against me. She was burning up!! I knew right away that she had a fever. She felt me move so she woke up and immediately began to cry. Poor girl, you could just tell she felt horrible! I checked her temperature, and it was 101.5. I gave her some Motrin and she and I cuddled on the couch. Eventually her fever went away, and she started to act normal. She ate some breakfast and was playing in the floor with her toys just like she does every morning. I was hoping that it was just a fluke, and that would be the last we would see of her fever. 

She took her nap around 11:00, an hour earlier than usual. I figured it was because she didn't feel well, but at the time she still didn't have a fever. However, when she woke up from her nap, her fever was back and it was even higher this time, 102.4. I called her doctor and made an appointment. 

We had a few hours between the time she woke up and the time of her appointment, so we hung out on the couch or in my bed. She was pitiful! I have never seen her feel so badly. She had no other symptoms, just a fever. 

Her doctor appointment went well. Her ears looked good and her chest sounded good too. Her throat was a little red so they tested her for strep. It was negative. Just to be on the safe side I asked them to check her for the flu virus too. They did, and it was also negative. So, chances are, this is just a virus. There's nothing we can do except let it run its course. I've been giving her Motrin every four hours since she is still running a fever. If she still has a fever on Friday, or her temperature gets to 104 or higher, I have to take her back to the doctor and they will check her out and run the tests again to make sure it hasn't developed into something more serious. 

Here's to hoping that she wakes up in the morning and feels all better! Her first birthday is tomorrow, and no one wants to be sick on their birthday! Plus, now Aiden has a stuffy nose and is complaining that he doesn't feel well. After all day with a sick baby, and now a sick 4 year old too, I've had about all I can handle. Luckily Jaime is off tomorrow, so even if they don't feel well, I will have backup. So, if you don't mind saying a prayer that my children feel better soon, I would appreciate it! Please also pray that no one else in our house catches it. A prayer or two for my patience tomorrow wouldn't hurt either! ;-)

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