Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

*This post is pretty long, and full of lots of pictures!*

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Christmas is probably my most favorite, followed closely by Easter. After all, as a Christian, Easter is the center of my entire faith! Easter has also come to be a day where we spend time as a family, and create memories together that I hope will last a lifetime.

We started out by having an Easter Egg Hunt at my parent's house on Saturday. We had 40 eggs between two kids. It is so much fun seeing how much they truly enjoy looking for the eggs. They get so excited when they find one, and their little faces light up with joy!

After the egg hunt we had a traditional Easter lunch with ham, potato salad, and green beans. Yum! Jenny loves potato salad, and this was her first time to eat the homemade kind. She said she liked it better than the kind you buy at the store. 

Sweet cousins.

Allie Kay, my niece - already almost two months old! The sweetest, most beautiful niece in the world! :-)

I hope these two grow up to be best friends!

Aiden had a game that afternoon, so we took a break from Easter activities to watch his baseball game. He played well! He needs some more practice on catching the ball, what to do after he gets the ball, and what to do after he hits the ball. 

After Aiden's game we came home and ate leftovers. Then we colored some more eggs with Aunt Jillian. 

After we colored eggs it was getting late and time to come home. Everyone knows that the Easter Bunny doesn't come until you are asleep! We came home and the kids rushed to get their pajamas on and get ready for bed. We waited close to an hour to make sure they were fully asleep, and then The Bunny went to work.

The tradition in our house is that the night before Easter, we set our our Easter baskets in hopes that the Easter Bunny will fill them while we are asleep. This year, we were also hoping that the Easter Bunny would bring a basket for Sophia since she didn't have one. Last year on Easter she was only four days old, so she didn't get a basket.

 The Easter Bunny put out a trail of eggs from their rooms to their baskets! He also hid 20 candy-filled eggs around the house.

The Easter Bunny came! He brought Sophia a basket, too! 

Jenny and Aiden woke up bright and early this morning, before the sun had even come up! We woke up Sophia and headed out into the living room to see if the Easter Bunny had brought anything.

After emptying their baskets, we all got ready to go eat breakfast with my parents, my brother, my SIL, and my niece. 

After breakfast we went back to my parent's house and just hung out as a family. We went on a walk around the neighborhood and played Old Maid with Jenny and Aiden. It was just a fun time to be together as a family!

We had a wonderful Easter! We have so many reasons to celebrate and be thankful this year! We are incredibly blessed - Praise The Lord!! Christ is Risen! My Redeemer Lives! I am just beyond thankful for His sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice!

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead" 
1 Peter 1:3
 "He is not here; he has risen, just as he said..." Matthew 28:6

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