Saturday, February 16, 2013

A New Look!!

As you can see, my blog got a little makeover recently! Jessica, from Diamond Doll Design, gave my blog a much needed facelift. Sophia's beautiful face has been added to the header, and all of the pictures in the header have been updated. I asked for something bright, but not too bright, and I am very pleased with the results!

I am still tweaking a few behind the scenes things, and trying to get all of the posts organized into categories. I also need to update the About Us section and a few other sections. So it is still a work in progress.

At the top, under the header, there are several icons (an envelope, a Facebook icon, Twitter icon, etc.). The envelope is one you can click to email me, the second one you can use to subscribe to my RSS feed (for Google Reader), the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram ones are links to follow me on any of those sites.

She also made a "Grab Me" button for y'all to use on your blogs, websites, etc. to link back to my blog if you'd like. It is on the left hand side of the blog. :)

I am hoping to start blogging more often. If you look over at the archives, you can see that my blogging has become less and less frequent. I want to get back into the habit of blogging more often! This serves as my scrapbook and is a way for me to keep track of all of the things going on in our lives. I love to look back at posts from last year or the year before just to see what was going on at that time. It is crazy how quickly I forget things!

I have a few new things I am going to try so that I can keep a more accurate record of each of the kids and the things going on in their lives. I also hope to make this more of a journal for myself.

All of that to say, I hope you all like the new look of my blog, and I hope you all enjoy what you read here! If you are looking for a new blog design for your own blog, I would highly recommend Jessica from Diamond Doll Design. She is fast, affordable, and easy to work with! Tell her Katie from The Quiroz Family sent you! Happy blogging!

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