Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our Elf on the Shelf

Our Elf on the Shelf comes to our house on the night of Thanksgiving while the kids are asleep. When they wake up the day after Thanksgiving, they are surprised to find him hanging out somewhere in our home. Our elf's name is Edward, named after my Grandfather on my Dad's side. This is the third year he has come to our house, and the first year where Jenny and Aiden both really understood. We had a lot of fun with him this year!

The first day he arrived he was sitting on Sophia's crib watching her. We think he must have come to visit her first since he had never met her before.

In years past, Edward has just moved from place to place without really misbehaving or doing anything naughty. This year, since the kids understood better, Edward misbehaved a few times and made a lot of messes! Occassionally he brought the kids letters from Santa and small gifts.

Jenny and Aiden can't stand not being able to touch him, but they truly believe that if they touch him his magic will go away. On one of the first nights Edward was here, the kids found him sitting in the floor reading The Elf of the Shelf book to some of his "friends". Edward didn't plan very well, and of course Sophia crawled right over to him and picked him up. Jenny and Aiden were very upset! They both thought for sure that Edward's magic was gone and he wouldn't return to the North Pole. Luckily, Santa sent them a note the next morning that said that Edward was just fine, and since Sophia was too young to understand, it was ok for her to touch him. Santa also made sure they understood that adults could touch Edward too. Jenny and Aiden were very relieved that Edward would be just fine!

Just like the story goes, Edward leaves our home on the night when Santa comes. Santa takes him back to the North Pole with him in his sleigh. On Christmas Eve, we blow him a kiss and tell him goodbye. The kids are always sad to see him go, but they know that he will come back again next year.

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