Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Macy's Pink Pig 2012

We took the kids to Lenox Mall again this year to ride Macy's Pink Pig, Priscilla! We went for the first time last year and the kids really enjoyed it. This year was Sophia's first time to go! We learned from our experience last year and we went much earlier in the season this time to avoid the long lines. We waited in line for around 30 minutes, much better than the hour we waited last year!

Just like last year we took the Marta Train to get to Lenox Mall. Here are Jenny, Aiden, and Sophia about to get on the train.

Sophia's first ride on Marta!

Daddy and Jenny on Marta - these two look more and more alike every day!

Mama and Aiden

Jenny and Aiden rode together in the front of the train.

Sophia's first ride on the Pink Pig!


On our way out of Lenox Mall we saw Santa!!

Macy's Pink Pig picture 2012

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