Friday, October 19, 2012

Sophia is Six Months Old!


You turned six months old on October 4! I am behind on getting this post up, but that's what happens when you have three very busy children. You have grown so much this month and you are doing so many new things!

Everyday you seem older than the day before. It is bittersweet. I love watching you grow and do new things, but it also saddens me that you are already doing so many things for the first time. Each "first" is also the last time you will experience something for the first time. I'm sure that makes no sense to you, but you will understand when you have children of you own.

At your six month check up you were 14lbs 9oz. and almost 27 inches long. You are in the 25th-50th percentile for your weight, and 75th percentile for your height. Your doctor says that your weight is a little lower than average, but you are gaining weight at a good pace, so it is nothing to be concerned about. She told us to go ahead and start you on baby food (although we have already started). You should be getting 2 fruits, 2 veggies, 1 dinner, and cereal twice a day. You should also be getting formula. Honestly I don't see how they expect you to eat so much, but we are doing our best. I'm not really concerned about you getting it all in one day - I worry more about you getting enough formula. That is where most of your nutrients come from.

You love veggies! So far I haven't found a vegetable that you won't eat. Your favorite is peas and sweet potatoes. You're not real crazy about fruit. You make funny faces and sometimes you get mad. We just keep trying though. Usually you will eat them, but sometimes you get so mad and spit them out. Recently you have gotten better about eating them.

A few days after your 6 month birthday, you started crawling! It is sort of an army crawl, but you get where you want to go! Jenny and Aiden were both so excited to see you start crawling. They can't wait until you are old enough to play with them.

You also started using the Jumparoo this month. I had no plans of getting it out until I started looking at pictures of Aiden at six months old and I saw that he was in the Jumparoo. Even after seeing the pictures I debated getting it out for you. I guess it's because I know you are my last one, but you still seem so little to me. You definitely don't seem big enough to be crawling and using the Jumparoo. Finally, I got it out, and now I'm glad I did. You love it! At first you were a little unsure of what to do, but you caught on quickly. Now you jump so much that sometimes Aiden will ask me to take you out of the Jumparoo because it makes too much noise while he is watching TV. Haha! You have also used the walker a few times, but you prefer the Jumparoo, so you don't use the walker very much.

You are such a good baby!! I get compliments all the time from people who tell me what a good baby you are. You have recently started going to the nursery at church on Sundays (you also go in the nursery when we are at MOPS). Every week when I pick you up from the nursery, the ladies in your room go on and on about how good you are. Sometimes they don't want to give you back to me. I love hearing people tell me about what a good baby you are. I am so Blessed! I am so glad you are such a good baby because we are on the go so much. Daddy also works a lot, so I have to take you almost everywhere I go. You go with me to Girl Scout meetings, Girl Scout Leader meetings, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, etc. I can't remember a time when you weren't good!

You are wearing 6-9 month clothes, a size 2 shoe, and a size 2 diaper (we started using size 3s today). Lately you have been getting this really bad diaper rash that takes FOREVER to go away. Once it goes away, it comes right back. It was driving me crazy! I asked your doctor about it at your six month check up, and she told me to use Triple Paste. We have been using it ever since, and your rash is completely gone!

Sophia, you are just the sweetest little baby girl! We love you so much! You are growing up way too fast, and we are loving every minute of it! Except for all the times I wish you would slow down. Haha!

I haven't taken your official six month pictures yet, but I will do that tomorrow and get them posted soon. For now, here are a few pics from my phone.


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