Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sophia is 3 Months Old!

Sophia, you turned 3 months old on July 4, 2012! Oh, what a joy you are! You have changed so much this month, and have started doing so many new things! You are such a gift! You are such a good baby. You're very laid-back, and you have adapted to our "on the go" lifestyle so well. I take you everywhere we go, and have never had to worry about how you would react.

You have gone with us to the pool several times. You still haven't really gotten in, but we have put your feet in the water and wet your hair to try and keep you cool while your big sister and big brother swam. You have also gone to the movie theatre with us a few times. We have taken you with us to see Madagascar 3 and Brave. Both times you started out watching the movie, but then ended up falling asleep. We also took you with us to Stone Mountain this past weekend, and you did really well there too. You seemed to spit up more than usual, but I think that had a lot to do with the heat combined with how often we were passing you around from person to person. You rode in your stroller a lot too, but for some things we had to leave the stroller and carry you. You took your first trip to the top of Stone Mountain in the Sky Lift!

You have the sweetest disposition. You rarely every cry, you are a great eater, and a great sleeper too. Honestly, I was expecting you to be a little feisty. Your big brother was a good baby too, so I was expecting you to be a little more difficult. When I was pregnant with you, everyone would tell me that if your first baby was a good baby, the second one would be more difficult. Boy, were they wrong! If anything, you are an even easier baby than Aiden was.

You are such a happy baby. You really seem to be enjoying your little life so far. You smile all the time, and coo almost every time someone talks to you. When you first started "talking", the noises were random and unintentional. Now, you know how to control the noises you make and you are making them more often. You are also getting much louder. Sometimes you're so loud that you scare yourself. Silly girl! You have also started getting excited in the mornings when you see me coming to get you out of your crib. You smile and kick your little legs until I pick you up. You seem to be the happiest in the mornings.

You have started laughing out loud. So far you have done it 3 or 4 times. The first time you did it I was so surprised! I wasn't expecting you to laugh, and when you did, I could have cried. It was the sweetest little sound!

You are starting to watch Aiden and Jenny more and more. Aiden is still very jealous of you at times, especially when we are a Grandma and Grandpa's house. We have to remind him to back up a little bit sometimes as he likes to get right in your face to talk to you. He seems to be getting better about it. You have really started cooing at him lately. Jenny loves to help me take care of you! She has fed you a few times and has helped me change a few of your diapers. You have started smiling at Jenny a lot lately too. You really seem to be recognizing her more now. Since Jenny isn't here all the time, it took you a little longer to recognize her. We have been trying to make an effort to let Jenny spend some time with you every week that she is here so that you will know who she is. It seems to be working, and Jenny loves it that you smile now when you see her!

You are eating 7oz of formula every 4 hours during the day. You get your last bottle between 7pm and 8pm every night. I add 1tsp of rice cereal to this bottle. You sleep all night, not waking up until usually 8am-9am the next morning. I am so thankful for such a good sleeper! Occasionally you will wake up in the middle of the night, but I just put your paci in your mouth and you go back to sleep. This rarely ever happens, but when it does I don't give you a bottle. Your peditrician says that this is just a phase that babies go through around this age, and if I feed you, you will start waking up every night.

At your 2 month appointment you weighed almost 11lbs. I am curious to see how much you weigh now. You go back for your next check up at 4 months old. I am eagar to watch you grow and continue to discover this amazing little person that God created and gave to me.

Happy 3 months, Sophia! Your Daddy and I love you more than words can explain.

Love always,

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