Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Awana Awards Ceremony

Jenny and Aiden participated in the Awana Awards Ceremony this year. It was Jenny's second year participating, and Aiden's first. Jenny is in the group called Sparks and Aiden's group is called Puggles.

The awards ceremony was so cute! Aiden's group sang a few songs, and they both received certificates for their participation in the program this year. Jenny also received a ribbon for completing her first Spark handbook.

It was so much fun seeing them both up there on the stage this year! Aiden's group went first since they are the youngest. They sang three songs, and then received their certificates. Next year Aiden will move up to the Cubbies. He'll get a Cubbies vest and handbook. He'll also have to start memorizing the Bible verses in his handbook each week.

Jenny's group didn't sing any songs, but she received a certificate and a ribbon. She will be in Sparks again next year since it is for kindergarten through second grade. She is in the middle of her second handbook - there are a total of three handbooks for Sparks.

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