Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Macy's Pink Pig 2011

Earlier this week Jaime and I took the kids to Lenox Mall in Atlanta to ride Macy's Pink Pig. This was our first year going, and was also the first time I had ever even heard of the Pink Pig. I was surprised to learn that the Pink Pig has actually been around since 1953!

We took the MARTA train to Lenox Mall to avoid traffic and so that the kids could ride on the MARTA train for the first time. Riding the MARTA might have been their most favorite part of the day.

Jenny on the MARTA Train

Her teeth crack me up! :)

Outside Lenox Mall. They thought this fountain was so cool!

Once we got inside the mall we went to get our tickets to ride the Pink Pig. Once again, I didn't realize what a big deal this tradition is. So when I saw the line and the lady told me we would have to wait in line for about an hour, I was shocked.

Jenny tried to take a picture of Jaime and I. :)

This is the original Pink Pig - for history on the Pink Pig, check out this website.

On the Pink Pig

The ride only lasts a few minutes and is set up to look like a storybook that tells you the story and history of Priscilla the Pink Pig. After you get off the train everyone gets a sticker and then you can go through the gift shop.

The kids had their picture made with Priscilla.

We all had a really great time and will probably go back again next year. I don't think we'll wait until so close to Christmas to go though. The Pink Pig opens at the end of October and runs through January 1st, so we will probably try to go earlier next year to avoid the large crowds.

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