Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Aiden!

Aiden turned 3 on November 29. Aiden has always been a good sleeper, and on his birthday he slept in until nearly 11am. Since I don't usually wake up until he does, he and I (and Daddy) all got to sleep in that day. After we all got up and got ready we went out for a late breakfast/lunch.

Afterwards we asked him what he wanted to do next, and he said he wanted a balloon. So his Daddy and I took him to Kroger to pick out a balloon. The balloon Aiden chose was a Wow Wow Wubzy balloon. Aiden played with the balloon the whole way to the cash register where we were going to pay for the balloon. As soon as I had scanned it (we went through self checkout) and completed the purchase I turned around only to find that the balloon now had a hole in the side of it and it was quickly falling towards the ground. At first Aiden didn't really understand why his balloon wasn't floating. Once he realized that there was a hole in the balloon and it wasn't something his Daddy or I could fix, the meltdown started. We went back to where the balloons are to try and get him another, but apparently that balloon was the last Wow Wow Wubzy balloon in the store. Aiden wasn't thrilled at first, but once he realized they also had Batman balloons, he was fine.

Later that evening, we went with my parents to take Aiden out to dinner. We took him to TGIFridays. I didn't bring my camera so I had to use my phone instead. It was pretty dark in there so the lighting wasn't great for picture taking.


The servers we singing happy birthday to him in this picture.

Happy birthday, Aiden! We love you!

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