Thursday, May 12, 2011

Weekly Randoms

Yay for it already being Thursday! It's almost the weekend!

It has been so hot here lately. The highs have been in the high 80's to low 90's. I thought it was still Spring, but apparently Summer decided to come a little early this year. If this is a sign of the months to come, I may have to stay indoors with the air conditioner on all summer. Haha!

I can't believe there are only a little over two weeks of school left! My little Kindergarten Baby is almost a 1st grader!! Why does 1st grade seem so much "bigger" than kindergarten? It's only a year difference, but it seems like much more than that. Good thing is, Jenny has done great in school all year! She actually has her last spelling test of the year this Friday. The test is a review over all of her words learned this year - there are 237 words! She and I have been practicing all week, and she is doing really good! When we practiced yesterday, she only missed 2 out of 237. I had planned on giving her a special gift after kindergarten is over, but I told her that if she got at least 220 out of 237 correct, I would give her the gift on Friday instead. She is trying really hard!

Aiden's new favorite movie is Toy Story. There for a while he really liked Cars. He still does, but I think he now likes Toy Story better. He has a Woody doll and a Buzz Lightyear already, and he plays with them all the time. He wants to take Woody with him everywhere. It drives me crazy because Woody's hat doesn't stay on his head, so I am always having to search for Woody's hat and make sure we have it before we leave anywhere. A few weeks ago I had to dump the toy box out several times to get Woody's hat out of the bottom of it. I really need to just glue the hat to Woody's head. Haha!

Aiden also has a Mr. Potato Head obsession. He loves taking all of the pieces off and then rebuilding him. Once again, normally not a problem - except for when he loses pieces and I have to tear the house apart trying to find them. He also gets upset when he can't get the pieces on correctly. He brings me Mr. Potato Head at least once a day and tells me that "Mr. Potato Head isn't perfect anymore! Mr. Potato Head is broken!". Haha. He has also recently started telling me that "Aiden isn't perfect anymore!". I'm not sure what he means, because he says it very randomly. I was thinking maybe he said it whenever he got hurt or something, but he says it sometimes when he is perfectly fine. Weird.

For Mother's Day, Jaime bought me an Amazon Kindle! I have been wanting one for a while now, but debated about getting one or not. I love reading, and spend so much money on books. Since books are cheaper on the Kindle, Jaime thought it would be a good investment for us. Now that I have it, I love it! I can buy tons of books and never even have to leave my house!

The other day when Jenny and I were in the car, she informed me that she has hair growing on her legs and she needs to start shaving. I then informed her that she was nuts, and she is only 5 years old - she will not be shaving anytime soon. Haha.

Yesterday after I took Jenny to school, Aiden and I went through the drive-thru at Dunkin' Donuts. I think it may have been my first time trying their coffee. I'm not sure if I have been living under a rock or what, but that was the best coffee I have ever had! Watch out Starbucks! :)

After hearing so many good things about it, I finally started watching The Voice. Just like everyone else, I am hooked! It is so good - much better than American Idol. I love that it is based on their talent and nothing else, since the judges can't even see them before they make their choice. American Idol is based more on their "look" rather than their talent.

Since Aiden has started potty training, I was a load of his clothes at least once a day. It's not even a full load, it's mostly just underwear and shorts. Potty training Aiden is much harder than I ever remember it being with Jenny. Maybe because with Jenny I didn't have so much other stuff going on? Sometimes with Aiden I feel like I just don't have time for it. Or like we are too busy and on the go too much for potty training right now. I have been told by many people that consistency is key when it comes to potty training. It's hard to be consistent about potty training when I have a schedule that is anything but consistent. He is getting better though, so hopefully it won't be too much longer.

Do you ever have weeks or days where you feel like you have been so busy but at the same time you feel like you haven't been doing anything? That's how I feel lately. I feel like I haven't hardly been home because we've been so busy, but at the same time my house is a big mess. We haven't even been here, how did it get so messy?

I think that's about all I have time for today. I hope you are all having a great week! :)

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