Friday, May 20, 2011


*I am writing this post mostly for myself. So that years from now, I will remember how silly Aiden was at this age.*

First of all, can someone please tell me, when did my itty bitty, baby boy turn into a full fledged, wild and crazy, big boy!? He will officially be 2 1/2 on the 29th of this month. I can't believe he is already so close to turning 3!! :(

Anyway, here are a few things that Aiden has been up to lately...

  • Aiden has said to me several times this week, "I'm NOT a baby, Mama. I'm a big boy!".

  • After successfully using the potty he says, "Good job Aiden! You're a big boy!".

  • One of his new favorite things to do after I tell him I love him is to say, "I love you more". He and I go back and forth several times "arguing" over who loves who more. I don't care what he says, I still love him more. :)

  • He is becoming more of a daddy's boy everyday. He gets so excited when he knows it's time for his daddy to come home from work. Sometimes during the day he will ask me when daddy is coming home, and then when I tell him he'll say, "I miss my daddy".

  • Not only is he becoming closer to his daddy, but he is also becoming more and more like him everyday. Sometimes when he throws something into the trash can he will say, "Gooooolllll!!!" He hears his daddy say that when he watches soccer on TV.

  • Aiden has really started using his imagination lately. He pretends to be Buzz Lightyear, and will jump off of our furniture and tell me he is Buzz Lightyear and he can fly. He also says "To infinity and beyond!" all the time. Another character he likes to pretend to be is Woody (also from Toy Story). It is hilarious to watch him pretend to be characters he sees on TV. He takes it very seriously.

  • As he gets older, his bad behavior has gone from bad to horrible. He isn't bad all the time, but when he is, it's BAD. Just today, he got into the fingerpaint. When I went into his room, there were four blobs of yellow, blue, green, and red fingerpaint on the carpet. His TV was also covered in fingerpaint as well as his face, arms, and the door to his room. All of it except for the stuff on the carpet was easy to clean up, and I think the carpet cleaner will take the rest out of the carpet. It was Crayola Washable fingerpaint, so hopefully it will all come out.

  • The child is obsessed with Monkey Joe's. He has only been twice, but I think he'd walk to Monkey Joe's if I'd let him. He tells me everyday that he wants to go to Monkey Joe's for his birthday. Poor kid, he doesn't realize that is birthday is still six months away. We are going to take him to Monkey Joe's soon. :)

  • Today was the first time that he cleaned up his room all by himself. I asked him to go clean it while I was cleaning the rest of the house. He went into his room, and was in there for about 20 minutes. When he came out he said, "I'm done!". I really thought he was just kidding, I was very surprised to walk into his room and find that he really had cleaned it. That will probably be the only time that happens. Haha!

  • Everytime I drop Jenny off at Awana, he wants to go so badly. Poor kid. I didn't think he was old enough to go, but after going to the Awana awards ceremony the other night, I saw several kids his age in Awana. He will be going next year. He will be a Puggle. He is very excited about going to Awana!

We love you, Aiden!! We love watching you grow and change into a little boy, but at the same time we wish you could stay this age forever. It is such a fun age! We love you more!

Mama and Daddy

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