Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Baskets 2011

Jenny's Basket

Jenny got bubbles, Play-Doh, a chocolate bunny, a Crayola Color Wonder drawing pad and markers, a magnetic tic-tac-toe game, and "The Miracle of Easter" book.

Aiden's Easter Basket

Aiden got bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a Crayola Color Wonder Toy Story 3 drawing notebook and markers, a coloring book with crayons, and a chocolate bunny.

They also both got....

Guinea pigs!!

The one in the first picture is Aiden's, his name is Reeses. The one in the second picture is Jenny's, his name is Ralphie. They are both boys, and we were told that they are about 6 months old.

So far they have been very easy to care for, and Jenny is able to help with a lot of the responsibility. She refills their food and water before going to school, and helps me clean their cage every couple of days. She especially loves giving them treats and getting to hold them. Aiden loves them too, and he is very sweet with them. Everyday he asks to hold them, and he is always telling them that he loves him and he thinks they are cute. Haha!

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