Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Pictures of Aiden

Over the weekend, my mom and I decided we were going to try and get a few good pictures of Aiden. I should probably tell you that Aiden was in a horrible mood, wasn't dressed for picture taking, and the whole thing was pretty much a last minute decision. Overall, I think some of the pictures turned out pretty good. We will try again soon!

He really enjoyed playing in the creek in my parents' front yard. I think for a minute he couldn't believe we were actually letting him play in it. Haha! Hopefully I will get some good pictures of him soon. Right now, since he is two, he is so hard to photograph. He doesn't always smile or look at the camera, and he definitely isn't going to be still any longer than a few seconds. Years from now when I am looking back at photos of Aiden, I will always know and remember what a joy he was at this age. Two is a hard age, but it is also a very fun age!

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