Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Miniature Golf

A few nights ago, Jaime and I decided to take the kids to a miniature golf place, Pirates Cove. We went last year too, and the kids enjoyed it, but Aiden mostly ran around like a crazy person the whole time. Honestly, this year was about the same way. Although I do think he enjoyed himself more, and sort of understood what we were there to do.

Last year we didn't even attempt to keep score as it was too difficult to do that and keep up with Aiden. This year, since Jenny is older, we let her keep score for us. She was so excited throughout the whole game because at every hole she would get the most points, so she thought she was winning. When we explained to her that in golf the winner is the one with the lowest score, she was a little dissappointed.

I don't remember what our scores were, but I know that Jaime won and I was a few points behind him. Jenny and Aiden tied, both having a score of 90 points. Oh well, at least they had fun - that's what matters! :)

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