Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guess What?!?

Jenny lost her first tooth!!!

After many weeks of it being lose, it finally came out. The corn on the cob and Rice Krispie treat she ate earlier in the day may have also helped. When she went to bed that night, we put her tooth under her pillow and she went to sleep hoping that the Tooth Fairy would pay her a visit....

She did!

The Tooth Fairy brought her $2, a pack of gum, and Skittles. Jenny was thrilled! She went to school the next morning, and told her teacher and all of her friends about her tooth and what the Tooth Fairy brought her.

Looks like the Tooth Fairy better stock up on goodies, Jenny has another lose tooth that will probably be falling out soon!  =)

*The flash on my camera was a little bright, which is why Jenny is making that weird face in these pictures. Haha.

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