Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring, Is That You??

For the last couple of weeks the weather here has really started warming up. I am hoping that this weather is the start of Spring, and it isn't just a little tease of what we can expect in a few months. Haha. It isn't even March yet, so there is still a chance that the temperatures will drop again. Let's all cross our fingers that the temperatures will stay warm!

Since it has been so nice out, the kids and I have spent a lot of time outside. Earlier today I took the kids to the playground in our complex to play. It's not as good as the playground at the park, and there are no swings, but the kids still enjoy it. Plus, it is a lot less crowded than a park, sometimes we are the only ones there. This time Aiden found a soccer ball that had been left there by someone else. I'm thinking it may have been left there on purpose tough, because the ball was pretty flat and may have had a hole in it. Aiden and Jenny still had fun playing with it though!

We are really enjoying this warmer weather!

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