Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday Is Family Night

Sunday is probably my favorite day of the week. That's because I get to do my favorite thing in the world, spend time with Jaime and the kids! I am a big believer in spending as much time as possible as a family. I think it's great for Aiden's and Jenny's growth and development, and it's also a great time to create a lot of great memories. A lot of my favorite memories of Aiden and Jenny are from our family nights. I would definitely suggest creating a family night for any of you out there with kids who don't already have one.

This Sunday I made beef tacos with rice and beans. That's one of the kid's favorite meals, and of course Jaime and I like it too. After dinner we went to the park to watch Jaime play soccer and then afterwards we let the kids play on the playground and kick the soccer ball around a little.

When we got home Jaime and I made cookies with the kids. Jenny is starting to get really good at baking, and Aiden really likes watching and helping when he can.

Sundays really make me feel thankful for my family, and make me feel very lucky to have such great kids!

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