Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Ramblings

Here are a few things we have coming up next week....

1. Lots and lots of packing. We are moving August 9th. That's in about 9 days. Luckily we are trying to stay more organized for this move than we were in our last ones. Usually on the day we move we have lots of boxes, appliances & electronics, and furniture to move. Once we get all that outta here there are still lots of random things that really didn't have a box to go into or because we were using them up until the very last minute. Those things are then thrown into boxes/bags at the last minute. If it weren't for that last minute packing I think moving would be a lot easier and a lot less stressful. Only because usually those are also the things that we need first once we get into our new place. Since those things got thrown into boxes that were labeled 'Random Stuff', it makes it more difficult to find those things. So this time we are taking steps to prevent that from happening. My most favorite thing about this move so far is that all of our dishes are already wrapped in newspaper and packed up in boxes. The kitchen is my least favorite room to pack, and basically it's already done. We bought paper plates, styrofoam bowls, and plastic silverware to use for the next week or so until we move. It is a little inconvient right now, but on moving day I think it will help us out a lot! Do you have any moving/packing tips??

2. Next week we have lots of school shopping to do! We already bought most of Jenny's supplies, but we still need to get her a bookbag and school clothes and shoes. We'll probably get the rest of her stuff Sunday night so that she and Jaime and go too. I am so excited to buy all of these things for her to go to Kindergarten with. Last year when she started Pre-K that was a big deal, but Kindergarten just seems so much more official - and makes me feel so much more old! Ha!

3. Next week I promised Jenny that we would go back to the lake. Since next week is her last week of summer vacation, I want to try and make sure she gets to enjoy it as much as possible! That will be a little difficult since I really should spend most of the week packing, but I can always find time to spend with the kids!

4. Jenny called me yesterday and we spent nearly an hour on the phone just talking. It was really great to get to talk to her for so long! Things like that really show me how mature/grown up she is getting! While we were on the phone she informed me and she and I need a "Girl's Night" before she goes back to school. So one night next week she and I have plans to watch a movie and make cheesecake! =)

5. Aiden is going to start potty training! We'll see how it goes though since I have a lot of other stuff going on. I really just plan to try and take him in there more often and see what happens. His official potty training won't start until after we get moved, but since he's shown so much interest in the potty lately I thought it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and start now. *I have a post coming this afternoon that explains this more.

6. And finally....Jenny will be here next week! I'm so glad that she gets to spend her last week of summer vacation at our house! I wish that we didn't have so much going on next week though, then we'd be able to do more fun stuff with her and Aiden. But I'm gonna try and squeeze in as much stuff as possible.

I know there is more stuff I could add to this list, but I also have a lot I need to do today too. So I need to get off of here and get started with my errends. I have another post coming later today!

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