Thursday, May 27, 2010

We Officially Have A Kindergartener!!

Yesterday was Jenny's last day of Pre-K. Which means, she is officially a Kindergartener!! Woo-hoo! I couldn't be more proud of her. She has done so well this past year in Pre-K, and I pray that she will continue to do well.

This last week at Pre-K only lasted 3 days, but all 3 days were filled with lots of fun activities. Monday was Jenny's Field Day. They played outside all day, and she even won a First Place Medal for the Sack Race. She also brought home her 'Pony Pictures' which I will scan and post sometime this week.
Tuesday was her class' Water Day. She had to wear her bathing suit to school underneath her clothes. She had a lot of fun, and apparently she got very wet! Ha! She also came home with a 'Foot Book' that had all of the footprints of her classmates in it. Wednesday was the last day of school and it was also Pajama Day. She had to wear her pajamas to school and also bring in her favorite book. She chose to bring in a book called "Bisquit". Thank you Ninnie for providing Jenny with her favorite book! =) It's actually a really cute book, and a great read for children who are learning to read. Jenny can already read most of it on her own! Wednesday she brought home a lot of the work she's made throughout the school year that they had on the walls in the classroom. There were also a few printed pictures and some quotes of the things Jenny said throughout the school year. My favorite thing she brought home was the CD filled with pictures of her school year. It was great to get a sneak peek at all of the things she did at school this year.

The 'Foot Book' she brought home on Tuesday.

The quotes from the observent things Jenny said in Pre-K.

Dear Jenny,

Daddy and I are sooooo proud of you!! It seems like just yesterday that you were Aiden's age, and now look at you! You've become such a big girl, and a great big sister. You are constantly amazing us with your intelligence, and making us laugh. My favorite times with you are the ones that you and I share together watching movies or baking deserts. But I also love the times with you, Aiden, and Daddy - when you make us laugh until we cry! You definitely have your Daddy's sense of humor, not to mention you look JUST like him!
We can't wait to see how well you'll do in Kindergarten. I've told you a thousand times already that I won't let you go to Kindergarten if I feel like you're not ready. So, along with you going to Pre-K, Daddy and I have tried our hardest to prepare you for Kindergarten. Of course, we can't prepare you for everything - sometimes you'll have to learn on your own. But, I know that you are ready. I know that you are a very smart little girl, with a great smile. Everyone you meet always talks about how pretty you are, and they are SO right! Never doubt yourself or who you are. Know that you are beautiful, and that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. We are so proud of you, you are truly a Blessing from God. We love you!!

Daddy and Katie

Facts About Jenny

  • You weigh about 47 pounds.

  • You wear size 5/6 girls clothes.

  • You do not like to have your hair in a pony tail.

  • Your favorite colors are pink and blue. (I think right now it's pink, but it changes all the time).

  • Your favorite foods are spaghetti, pizza, and Chick-Fil-A.

  • You love Tic Tacs.

  • Your favorite drink is Sprite.

  • You love to watch movies and bake with me.

  • Your favorite TV shows are: Spongebob Squarepants, iCarly, and Hannah Montana.

  • You love for me to read to you, and I love for you to read to me.

  • You love to help me cook. (I try to let you help me as much as you can, and it has really become one of my favorite times of the day).

  • You're a great big sister! Aiden loves you so much!

  • You love to play outside. Your favorite outside games are 'Red Light Green Light', 'Doggy Doggy, Where's Your Bone?', and you love to swing!

  • You know how to write your name, and you can also write any word that I tell you how to spell.

  • You are learning how to read small words.

  • You know your address, and your full name (you can also spell it).

  • You can recognize all the letters and numbers up to 10.

  • You are loved by so many people, and you tell me all the time that you have a big family. And you can even name all the people who are your family, and you name the same people everytime I ask.
Here are a few pictures of Jenny from her year in Pre-K....

Jenny on her first day of Pre-K

Jenny's Cubby

Her class.


Her friend Jaelyn.


In the Home Living center.

Practicing for Kindergarten.


Jenny after her last day of Pre-K with the flowers and balloons we got her.
Way To Go Jenny!!!


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