Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our Weekend

This weekend was a pretty busy one for our family. We had a lot of fun! Friday night we did our usual dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. This week we went to Poblanos, which is one of my favorites. My brother Billy also went with us this time. Afterwards we went back to my Mom's house and my Dad built a fire in the backyard. It started to rain, so we all had to go inside. Luckily the rain didn't last long, and we were able to go back outside for a while. But this time, instead of sitting around the fire, we went out in the yard and tried to catch Lightning Bugs! I've been telling Jenny for a while now that once it got warm enough for them to come out that I would try to catch some with her. We had a pretty hard time catching them though. It seemed like when we started getting closer to where they were, they would all migrate to the backyard. Then once we would go to the backyard, they all moved to the front yard. Ha! Needless to say, we didn't catch any that night.

On Saturday we went to Walmart with Grandma and got a few things for my cousin Jacob for his birthday. Of course Aiden and Jenny also each came home with something new! Jenny got a toy puppy, and Aiden got a toy guitar. They are both so lucky to have their Grandma/Ninnie! When we got back to my Mom's, my Dad cooked hamburgers, italian sauage, and hot dogs on the grill. After we ate we went to Jacob's birthday party. He turned 3 today! Yesterday was also my other cousin Peyton's 2nd birthday! Happy Birthday to both of you! Here are a few pictures from our Saturday....

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Our rock band. Apparently they are a heavy metal band. =)

Jenny modeled for me a little bit.

And Aiden was too tired from the party and the rock band to model for me.

Today (Sunday), we went to a water park in Suwanee with my cousins. It's not exactly a water park with slides and a pool, but it has lots of sprinklers. Plus, it's FREE! That's my favorite kind of water park. =) Jenny had a blast, except for when she went through this biggest sprinkler in the middle. Aiden hated every minute of it, and cried almost the entire time we were there. I couldn't even get him to look at the water! He must have gotten that from his Daddy, because I can always remember LOVING the water when I was young!

Like I said, Jenny had a blast....

and Aiden hated it!

I had to wrap Aiden in a towel to keep him from crying. Everytime the water touched him, he would scream!

We had a great weekend, and we hope you did too! I hope you all have a great Memorial Day! Please remember what tomorrow is really all about, and why we celebrate it. I can't thank our Soldiers and their families enough for what they do everyday for us. It is an honor to live in such a great country!

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