Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jenny's Pre-K Graduation Ceremony

This past Thursday (5/20/10) was Jenny's Pre-K Graduation Ceremony. For Jaime and I, this was a very important event. Pre-K may not seem like a big deal, but for us it means a lot!

You see, Jenny did really well at school this year. She is the youngest in her class, and she is one of the better students. She is also one of the few students in the class who can tie her shoes. This year at Pre-K has really transformed Jenny. She can spell and write her name, color really well, recognize letters and number, read some small words, write words if you tell her how to spell them, and so much more! She is also a lot more confident, and she is more independent.

It's really sad to see her growing up so fast, but it's great knowing that she is learning so many new things! To know that she did so well this year makes me think that she will be successful in school. The things she does now will effect her future, and I hope that she will continue to excel in school!

Here are some pictures from her graduation, and I have a video coming soon! Her official last day of school is Wednesday, May 26. Only 3 more school days left! Then it's on to Kindergarten!!

Jenny and her teacher Ms. Clare

Jenny and her teacher Mrs. Kit

Jenny's favorite thing to do in Pre-K

Pre-K C/O 2010!!

Her diploma.

Jenny won an award for 'Most Congenial'.

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