Saturday, May 22, 2010

Easter 2010

Today was such a wonderful day for our family! I couldn't stop thinking about Jesus all day!! Unfortunetly, we didn't go to church this morning. I was up till 5am this morning with a horrible cough, and I was all out of sorts this morning. Thankfully, I am able to watch services from my church online. So, that's what Jenny and I did this morning!

They put on a play called AD33. It was about Jesus, and how he was crucified and resurrected from the grave! It was really great! I tried to find it on YouTube to upload here for you all to see, but it isn't on there. I'll keep checking, and if I find it, I'll post it here.

Jenny watched it with me, and she really liked it! Of course, she had a lot of questions to ask me once it was over. I answered them all the best I could so that she would understand. At first I wasn't so sure if she understood, but then later we went outside and THIS is what she drew....

It's a picture of Jesus on the Cross!!

She also drew a picture of a sad face, and a happy face. She said that the happy face was the blind man that Jesus healed, after he was healed. And the sad face was the people watching Jesus be crucified. She is so smart, and she never stops amazing me!!

The Easter Bunny came to our house this morning, and the kids were both very excited to see their baskets! They BOTH ran to them! Aiden started taking the things out of Jenny's basket, I had to show him which one was his. Ha! Here is a picture of their baskets...

Jenny got: A Spongebob book, sidewalk chalk, a pink stuffed bunny, candy, nail polish (blue, purple, and orange), bubbles, bunny ears, and a chocolate bunny.
Aiden got: A puppy book, a soccer ball, a blue stuffed bunny, candy, bath toys, bubbles, bunny ears, and a chocolate bunny.

After they looked through their baskets, ate breakfast, and we watched the online church service, I took the kids outside to play with the new stuff. That was when Jenny drew the chalk pictures. Aiden LOVED his bubbles, and even learned how to say 'bubble' today! While we were outside, Jenny pointed out two solid white butterflies that were in our backyard. She said they looked like angels. I believe that they were!
We had a great Easter! How about you??

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