Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baking with the Kids

Tonight Aiden, Jenny, and I baked a cake. Jenny and I have baked several times before, but this was Aiden's first time to get to help. There wasn't a whole lot he could help with, but he enjoyed watching and getting to lick the spoon afterwards. Here are are few pictures of our baking night...

Helping Aiden pour in the water.

Jenny cracked the eggs, that's her favorite part.

Jenny kept trying to explain to Aiden what baking is all about.

Baking with Jenny has always been one of my favorite times with her, and I'm so happy to be able to start involving Aiden in it now too. Although I guess that means that he is getting older. =( We let the cake be a surprise for Jaime from the kids and I. It turned out really well, and tasted good too!

*Sorry about the quality of these pictures, my good camera was charging so I had to use my phone.

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  1. They look like they were having a blast.

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